Technical insulation

We carry out technical insulation of cooling and heating systems using polyurethane foam (other insulation materials available if required). We also manufacture, install and carry out maintenance of all the steel ductwork components. The technical characteristics of polyurethane foam are such that it can be used to insulate piping, tanks, sterilizers and other objects in the temperature range from -45°C to +140°C. We also produce steel brackets for pipes according to specified diameters and quantities.

  • External surface

Before the insulation is applied, the surfaces of the piping being insulated are covered with an anticorrosion material “Dinitrol 3850”.

  • Finishing layer

The insulation is finished with covers that we manufacture ourselves from sheet metal (aluminium, galvanized steel, aluzinc, stainless steel, etc.). The finishing layer of metal is water-tight and all the seams are hidden from view as much as possible. Sheet metal parts have no sharp corners.

  • Polyurethane foam

Two-component polyurethane foam can only be applied with high pressure spraying machines. The foam is compatible with temperatures ranging from -50°C to +140°C. No harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) are emitted by the foam, therefore the material is not toxic. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is used for the spray application.
After spraying and cooling, the foam occupies at least 90% of the chamber volume. Thermal conductivity of freely expanded foam is: at 10°C: 0,034 W/mK; at -40°C: 0,024 W/mK. Mass density is 40-45 kg/m3 for freely expanded foam and 50-55 kg/m3 for compressed foam.

  • Polyurethane foam spraying

Foam spraying is carried out using high pressure “Gusmer Graco” (e.g. models FF or H) machines, which can be operated only by specially trained operators. Polyurethane foam is sprayed into a sheet metal chamber through 5 mm holes which are later covered using 4,4 mm rivets.

  • Vapour barrier

Since this is one of the most important aspects of insulation, proper care must be taken. Due to additional components in the polyurethane foam mixture, a protective layer forms between the external insulation cover (sheet metal) and the surface of the foam. Also, the insulation covers are assembled so as to make them as water-tight as possible. In outdoor applications, for protection against rainfall, all the seams are covered with a hermetizing material (silicon) which does not allow liquids and vapour to pass. This is done during the installation procedure and the hermetizing material is applied only to the seams. For all our ductwork seams we use a 25 mm overlap. Indoor applications do not require such thorough hermetization.

  • Pipe brackets/mounts

Assembled pipes are mounted using the appropriate diameter brackets/mounts. Appropriate distances are maintained between nearby pipes and brackets/mounts to allow for installation of insulation without deforming or otherwise damaging the external covers. Brackets/mounts have to be of the “Omega” type, adjustable, consisting of a single part (a semi ring), made from galvanized, stainless or otherwise corrosion resistant steel, and fastened using 12 mm pins.
Non-insulated pipes are held in the brackets/mounts using hard polyurethane shells, placed between the pipe and the bracket/mount. On larger pipes, where pipe diameter exceeds 114,3 mm, 300-400 mm wide external covers with two seams are installed between the insulation shell (polyurethane ring) and the bracket/mount. This is done to avoid problems during the insulation procedure (damage to the external insulation covers) when the assembled/welded pipes are lifted and/or pushed.
Neither the external cover layer, nor the brackets can have a direct contact with the pipes being insulated. The assembled external cover pipes must have their centre of mass appropriately balanced so that the layer would remain undeformed, the required thickness of the insulation would be maintained and a vapour barrier be preserved in the event of a hydraulic shock inside the pipes being insulated.

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