Sheet metal laser cutting

Laser cutting is an advanced sheet metal cutting technology based on the use of a focused laser beam of varying intensity. Laser cutting is distinguished by high productivity, low prices and precise cuts. UAB “Unipuras” specialises in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium sheet cutting. Together with our clients we can make the most unbelievable ideas come true. The high-quality, fast metal cutting process can be used for tasks ranging from mass production of small parts to custom, complex shape parts required by some designers. The most important properties of laser cutting processes are speed and precision.
Why is the laser cutting for sheet metal better than methods for other materials (plastic, wood)? The laser cuts along the edge of a set line, not along the line itself. The technique is much more precise than wood or plastic cutting techniques. A laser can be used to cut very small and intricate parts. Laser cut or engraved parts are long lasting. They can be used for various outdoor and indoor projects.
Our laser cutting machine is capable of cutting the standard sizes of metal sheets up to 1500×3000 mm. Metal parts which have been laser cut have precise, clean, even, crack-free edges and require no further machining. We provide You only with accurate and high quality products. Your ideas + our solutions = great results.

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