We offer welding services for steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Our qualified welders ensure the high quality of the work performed. The work is performed according to the client’s needs.


  • TIG welding is characterized by very high welding quality, where care is required, responsible structures are welded (those that are constantly at high temperatures, work under high loads). TIG welding is not as fast as welding with a coated electrode, but it produces good quality seams.

  • Semi-automatic welding or MIG / MAG welding – semi-automatic welding, otherwise welding with shielded electrode in shielding gas (MIG – metal inert gas; MAG – metal active gas). This is one of the methods of arc welding. Such welding technology is semi-automatic, applied where there is a high work rate, for welding simpler metals, large structures, where not only the quality of welding is emphasized, but also the speed of welding.

We weld steel / stainless steel / aluminum

We can weld:

  • Small / large details
  • Various constructions
  • Metal indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Modern and forged outdoor fences
  • Handrails / barriers
  • Roofs

Locksmith works:

  • Threading
  • Grinding
  • Cutting of pipes and other metals

We can also perform welding work according to your designed project.

We offer you only the best quality products and services.

Your idea + our profesionality = great results

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